Laurent Fétis is a busy guy. Fortunately, he had a few moments to answer some simple questions. We will be posting more exclusive, short interviews in this format soon , so please keep following. (Above Image: Dirty French Psychedelics, Artwork by Elisabeth Arkhipoff & Laurent Fétis)



Name: Laurent Fetis

Website: http://www.laurentfetis.com

Color: all colors
Music: “U Can Dance” DJ Hell Feat Brian Ferry
Book: “Maximes” la Rochefoucault
Designer: Lucas Ossendrijver
Animals: Smilodon and platypus
Website: http://www.newscientist.com/
Place: a nice one
Shape: fat un-timid shapes
Artist: Elisabeth Arkhipoff
Typeface: a nice one
Movie: Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Koffer directed by Werner Klingler
Work: Drawing
Word: Super
Season: Spring
Magazine: Fantastic Man
Guilty Pleasure: Drawing
Love: Anastasia Constantinescu
Hate: ?


What are you working on right now? 

Books, Magazines and global identity design


What career would you switch to if you had to stop your current profession? 

I don’t know


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