We are coming back early from the Thai new year here at the Bangkok studio. Last week and today we posted a handful of new stock vector collections. A few classic themes like flourishes and frames in there, along with new topics and elements many of you might find useful. 


On the topic of us being in Bangkok, some of you might have seen the news of some mad craziness going on here. Luckily our studio is in intense traffic jams the past 2 weeks, everyone in our studio was unaffected directly by any of the violence. Unfortunately for the people living here, no matter what side you support, the violence that went down this week does not help anyone here, especially the struggling local economy which survives a lot on the tourism industry. But the good news is, for now, the protesters have left and the leaders arrested for various crimes.


That being said, Thailand is Thailand and this not something really new as far as wanting the government to change, but violence is NOT typical. These violent protests were really restricted to a specific part of the city as well, an area most tourists are never in. So if you had plans to come here for travel, holiday, fun times, it is still the fun loving and good Thailand, no worries, you will be OK. I am still here typing this, so it must be ok! haha…