I am sure some of you web nerds out there have heard of Media Temple. If you haven’t, well they are a super nice web hosting company, the company that hosts YouWorkForThem. We have been using them for around 7+ years now, and they have taken good care of us with our nagging and requests. 


Well yesterday when we were doing some system fixes, we had a small melt down with some local files. This then led to us having to nag MediaTemple for a backup of the code files. To our luck, Media Temple and team Ryan were there to save the day and provide us with a backup of our file from a few days ago. Now we learned our lesson our end, but it was great to know Media Temple had our back, because we all make mistakes sometimes.


So if your looking for a good service to put your website on, go with Media Temple. They might not be the cheapest, but they are the best product when you add up all good server tech, knowledge and 24 hour service. For a few bucks more, you will be happy you spent it, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!


PS: They have been hard at work with a new venture called VIRB®