I will start off by saying, I think Shepard Fairey’s work is good, and of course top of the tops in that genre he is in. Ironically, I am wearing an scraggly old Obey shirt right now, more so because I like the shirts fit. We have also sold his book releases on our site and sold a lot of them too. Honestly, not making us much money. I am sure he made out better from the publisher than we did. So, yeah, Shepard Fairey is good, but he is also a bit ridiculous and is slowly loosing credit in my book (if that means anything). Last year he went after some kid who posted a Dope spoof of his Hope poster. I have had my share of kids jacking my work online, but you know what, who cares? I was a kid once and did some stupid shit too, in the end no one got hurt though. That Dope poster did nothing to hurt the Hope poster. As well, I am sure that kid made nothing on that Dope spoof. As well, the story unfolds even more..


Fairey is now taking the AP to court (as a quick jump on them) saying it is legal and OK for him to use their image, without paying them. I got this article this morning in email and I just started laughing. The insanity of this is out of control. There is not even a need to make a big discussion on this post. Simple, you used some guys original photo (who is apart of AP),  poster got famous, and now you are selling it as art and prints. Give the guy his share too, I mean what the fuck? Its one thing to pull from old resources, books, and make it your own. But to take another modern day fellow artists work (even if photo journalistic) and say your not going to pay them!


The concept of OBEY is all but starting to make sense now. OBEY ME


NY Times