In years past the Flourish and Grifter collections always came out on top of customer favorites. But 2008 was the year we saw a new face by the signature ‘T Minus 5’ conquer the sales with his royal and lush Regime drawings. While most of the top selling sets were in the Regime series, we have made sure to mention some of the next best collections.



Regime 09
A collection of 25 royalty free illustrations following a theme of fallen empires. Kings, emblems, currency, borders, postage and much more are all featured in this beautiful series. Full of so many variations of assets, the Regime series goes to great lengths to full fill many designers needs. By far the leader of 2008 in customer sales.



Coat of Arms
Highly detailed and full of many elements, this set brings it. Crests with a royal backing, these can be used for an assortment of ideas and reasons. A set drawn with many layers of versatility in the previous Legion theme of years before.


Regime Patterns
A collection 25 royalty free illustrations/patterns following a theme of fallen eastern empires. Kings, emblems, currency, borders and more make up the patterns in this beautiful series. A very valuable collection to contain in your bag of tricks.


Gradients 03
Gradients 03 is a beautiful set of thousands of lines and 10 charming halftone gradients rendered as high quality vectors. Great for fills, backgrounds, and surely thousands of other things. The Gradients in this set are composed of lines of varying thickness as to give a different effect than the previous halftone/gradient sets available. The Gradients will be a series we will continue to push further in 2009 due to the high amount of interest.


A collection of various water color stock images. A mixture of many colors, textures and high details, photographed via macro lens. This product was the start of a new theme in 2008 that proved to be very helpful and popular with many customers. Another product great for saving time when your in need of some hand created elements.

If you missed out on these great collections be sure to grab them today. What is in store for 2009? Look for bigger collection launches like the recent Guilloche & Moire and more fresh new ideas.