Best Fonts of 2008

YouWorkForThem has always been focused on Typography since day one. This year we spent a lot of time and energy on font development and commissioning new work, with big results. We premiered the idea of Hand-Set type, showing the world that typography is much more than what exists inside a font.


Black Slabbath
The Heaviest font in the world, Black Slabbath, was the biggest font of 2008. Period. After being around for less than a year, you can not go a day of looking around without seeing it’s influence somewhere. Stefan spent countless months working on this typeface and it shows. The form is spotless and the features are many. After seeing this font for the first time, we knew Stefan was onto something and we waited patiently for him to finish it while giving him some help and encouragement. Black Slabbath is timeless and prove itself as a classic in the world of letter-forms. Exclusively at YouWorkForThem

Download Black Slabbath Font


Andreas is a very talented individual with a foot in every aspect of graphic design. We have known him for many years and have watched his career explode. It is great seeing people like him develop fonts as he has a very different approach to the art. One look at his collection of faces will prove this.

Download Myld Font


We have hand-lettered a sans-serif so many times we can not count it on our hands. That is where YWFT HLLVTKA comes in to fill that void. What we love about this font is that it is free from the shackles of software, so you can freely experiment with the letters and set it exactly how you want. We enjoyed using this font and looks like some other people did as well.



Blake E. Marquis has one of the most amazing names we have ever heard, its no wonder he has an eye for letters. We fell in love with Dubby at first sight as the possibilities are endless with how you can manipulate it with form and color. We are happy to have worked with Blake in 2008 and we are working with Blake on future developments, watch out for him in 2009.

Download Dubby


YWFT Thinaire
We have always admired thin type and whimsical markings of a pen. This is where Thinaire shines. It is the perfect merging of the two ideas. The best thing about Thinaire is that it can be used smaller to get a hairline feel or used large without overbearing the page. It also offers the flexibility to be used many different ways. We just developed a typeface this year called Hannah that functions as a working typeface. Be sure to check it out as well.

Download YWFT Thinaire


Rising Star: At the end of the year, we released YWFT Agostina. It’s a sans-serif font that has OpenType ligatures for that extra typesetting flair. The best feature about the font is that you can give it as much or as little flair as you wish. We released it at the end of the year but so far it looks like a future winner for 2009!

Download YWFT Agostina

Updates: This post was modified on May 15, 2014 to reflect link and name changes to certain fonts listed above.