Our newest lineup of 2009 stock vectors, images and videos; Guilloche & Moire.


Guilloche is an engraving technique in which a very precise intricate repetitive patterns or design is mechanically etched into an underlying material with very fine detail. Specifically, it involves a technique of engine turning, called guilloché in French after the French engineer “Guillot”, who invented a machine “that could scratch fine patterns and designs on metallic surfaces”. The machine improved upon the more time-consuming practice of making similar designs by hand, allowing for greater delicacy, precision, and closeness of the line, as well as greater speed.


In physics, a moire pattern  is aninterference pattern created, for example, when two grids are overlaid at an angle, or when they have slightly different mesh sizes. In textiles, a moire is a fabric with a wavy (watered) appearance, caused by varying the tension in the warp and weft of the weave.