Here at YouWorkForThem we take some extra steps to bring you very unique stock art and fonts. We once filmed small fish and sea animals from Thailand to create these stock videos. Our recent handset font, Muck, was created using a process many people know already, screen printing.


1) We started with a hand-eye redrawing of classic serif fonts creating our own modern hybrid of an alphabet onto A4 printer paper. Drawing by hand, we get a more organic feel right from the start.


2) We then visited some friends at a local university who let us go wild with some ink and basic screen printing tools. Its always good to have friends still in school or know the professors! We used a 6 inch roller to roughly lay black ink over the custom alphabet we had drawn. 


3) Shuffling back via taxi and braving out-of-control rain storms, we got the papers (now with extra weathering) back to the office to dry out for the weekend. Note – keep these wet prints outside. The fumes and stench will blow you away if you do not.


4) Once the papers had dried, we edited down the best ones. Then started scanning for 2 days at 600 DPI all the papers. Once scanned, the items were taken into Photoshop, adjustments made and converted to Bitmap TIFF files. 




Final result is a very intense and textured font that you can hand set yourself. Hand-Sets are not the type of items you want to compose an entire block of text with, unless our into that kind of torture. They work best for headlines on posters, packaging or even in motion graphics.