This isn’t the first time I have posted this, and I expect not my last either. But ALK1’s Flickr stream is for sure one of the strongest documenting American, English and European Graphic Design history on Flickr. I really enjoyed her recent post of her late husbands archives from before there was a proper Helvetica library available in Portland.

She goes on to explain the above image: “.. my husband designed this set around 1960 after he subscribed to the new Swiss publication New Graphic Design. There was no size larger than 12 point Helvetica cast type in Portland, Oregon at that time and it was only available through a few local printers.

He also worked with Akzidenz Grotesk and used it extensively before Helvetica was introduced. This set is only one of many versions that he produced. I saved original drawings of type faces that he designed and then threw out after negatives of them were in his file…

Always a good contact to add into your Flickr.