When we (Cina & Young) started YouWorkForThem 6 years ago, we soon realized our time for client work was very thin. Over the years we have cut back, putting almost all of our focus and time into this little child of ours. But sometimes, we make time to help friends, fellow peers or big buckaroo clients with some design insight. This year, we helped out our peers David and Zoe from a very interesting company called Commonwealth. They are based out of Brooklyn, New York and do very interesting work for an array of clients using various mediums. You might call them Architects if you had to call them anything, but they are not creating architecture in the traditional sense.

The site was designed/coded by Michael Young (me). One of the highlights of the site, is the website can be completely controlled by Commonwealth. This means the colors, sizes, random on/off and of course section content. The random options generate endless composition arrangements on each page refresh/load, so each user always gets different views of the site. Overall, everyone was happy and had a good time working on the project.

Ok, now back to our child YWFT