These days, I would say what one might call himself is very confusing, if your working in the business of ‘Graphic Design’ and work mainly online or in a digital medium. I could get into a long drawn out post here, I originally just wanted to post something about how great a current PHP framework (Code Igniter) is that I am working in. That got me to thinking, do I have any right to say something is good in the programming world? I have no college degree in anything and just learn from forums and guides. I have been a self taught graphic designer and business man for the past 12 years. But at the same time, I have learned the print process, web programming, accounting, shipping business (!?) and many other random bits (plumbing, electrician, janitor), well that just are necessary for my role as a graphic designer, running a business and overall survival. That then begs to ask the question, are you a graphic designer then, if not, what are you?

Now, this may be different if you work for an agency, as you are a large team and your role is to one specific task. But I have found with myself and the rest of the team at YWFT, we cover so many roles, I find hard it find to tell people just what is my ‘job’ title. I am sure there are thousands of you out there in this position, and I am curious what do you call it you do? I would love to hear how everyone out there works, what you do, and in the end, what do you tell people you do.