First thing first, thank you to our families, customers and supporters!

Six years ago, YouWorkForThem started out as a business in our founders house. Many people doubted us and what we were going to do with this store. But we kept on working and we now handle over 200 fonts, 1300 book titles, 14,000 stock art items, and many more various products. We have also become one of the biggest supporters of the graphic design arts and have helped revive the interest in classic books like Grid Systems in Graphic Design. During all this change we have managed to remain very small & independent, but we now operate two offices, (Minneapolis & Bangkok) and have a staff of around 10 designers.

In honor of this event, we are giving away a freebie file of 23 illustrations. As well, we have a screen print collection featuring 12 artists like Genevieve Gaukler, Niko Stumpo, Michael Perry, Burlesque, Gregory Euclid and many more artists! This set is being sold (almost given away) for the price of only $6.95. We hope you enjoy these special prints and the freebie. We look forward to serving you for many more years to come!

Download Freebie
Anniversary Prints