YWFT America’s playlist as follows:

The Raveonettes
Lust Lust Lust
I heard the Raveonettes late one night when some music channel had those shows where they would play new videos by upcoming artists. Would have been in 2003 and the video was for “Attack of the Ghost Riders” I really think they are amazing. This album is no exception.

Beach HouseDevotion
Their new lp is dang good, kinda want to say it’s better than their last, I could be wrong.

Fleet FoxesSun Giant EP
Travis suggested this EP one day. Think its has that spirit of the Beach Boys. Unexpected.

The Nostalgia 77 Octet “Weapons of Jazz Destruction
Amazing group. They can do no wrong in my eyes. I buy almost everything they do. If you are into real jazz, you should check this.

Build an ArkDawn
I was so happy when I heard this was coming out. Even happier when I heard it. Spiritual Jazz today? Yep. It’s good and very real. My personal favorite right now. Carlos Nino for president.

Erykah BaduNew Amerykah Part 1
can’t decide if it is her best or not. It’s dang good. You can never beat her “Green Eyes” track on “Mama’s Gun” but this lp is essential if you are into her at all.

Maybe this can help freshen your day up.