Caught the Helvetica film tonight, good stuff overall I think. At first I was starting to think the movie was going to be a big stroke off to the font, but then was nice to see people like David Carson in the flick who opposed this ideology of only one supreme font. I myself have no attachments to the font, but do respect it and understand the old school ideas behind why it became popular. I don’t understand (nor care too) the new school passion for it though, today is a different time in my mind. Overall was a nice movie, had some nasty nerd moments that were a bit too much, but had many great moments that could be enjoyable for non-designers. Either way, id suggest most designers catch it to hear some great designers like Wim Crouwel and Matthew Carter drop some wisdom and history. On a side note, if anyone was at this Bangkok event, what the hell was up with that after the movie discussion. Was like watching a car wreck. Total garbage and nonsense!