I just got back from presenting our work in Manila! I brought way too much work, was only about 60% into our presentation, when they pulled the plug and people were ready for me to wrap it up. I hope everyone there enjoyed it and found it somewhat entertaining. Either way, was great fun and thanks to Aram and GraphikaManila for having us be apart of this great event. I want to give a big shout out to all the people there that took care of me and my wife Piyada while were there. The scene in Manila is awesome, very humble, lots of energy and great work being done and very progressive for a small country! In no special order, big thanks to Rex and Jois, Nico and Katwo, Aram, and many others! As well, saw some great new work from people like Asylum (smoking hot ad agency style work), Hue Visual Lab, Electrolychee, Team Manila (I am sporting the Pling shirt today) and many more! Overall it was a great event, scene and people in Manila. Rawk!