We have been informed of various scams circulating through email from people posing as resellers of our stock art collections. We must make it clear that these people ARE NOT representatives from YouWorkForThem and are fraudulent. These spammers are only out to scam people and take your money and run. Not only that, but the files they send you may contain viruses as well. We must warn you that dealing with these people is not safe and nobody but us can license our products. Our files always have been and will ONLY be available via our online store at www.youworkforthem.com. Please note that when spammers like this try and resell stolen goods, this hurts the artists who design these works, not only YouWorkForThem. All the amazing designers we bring in to do these stock collections make the main profit on these sets, something we are very proud of in our effort to support and expand the graphic design arts.

If you have detailed information related to this case or any other cases involving people trying to distribute our products illegally, please contact us.