We are sorry to announce that last week USPS raised their postage rates. While this will not effect our domestic shipments (since we ship with UPS) it will effect our international shipments. It seems the rates have gone up quite a bit, so you will notice shipping to be a lot more than it was from say your last order. This is something we obviously have no control over. USPS is still the cheapest way to ship what we handle, heavy books and all. The other methods, DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS are all still way higher than USPS, and we won’t offer shipments via boat, because they cannot be tracked and they take way too long (4-9 weeks!) and typically arrive damaged or warped from moisture. So again, we apologize for the increase in rates, but again we have no control and this is still the cheapest and safest way to ship your purchases.

Also, this does NOT effect our stock art items, as almost all of our stock items are ready via download instantly after your purchase.